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Sensium Connect Professional | The World's Most Advanced Fleet Telematics & GPS Tracking.

Know where your vehicles are, where they have been,
and how long they were there.

Get Sensium Connect Professional, the worlds most advanced
Fleet Telematics & GPS Tracking.


Improve the efficiency and safety of your mobile workforce.

Reduce your fleet's operating cost.

Maximise vehicle productivity.

Encourage accountability of your staff.

Provide accurate billing of staff time.

Resolve customer and operational queries accurately and promptly.

Ensure safety and compliance of vehicles and employees.

Job cost analysis. Assist in the recovery of stolen vehicles.


Sensium’s vehicle telematics hardware, the locally designed and manufactured TB2-20, has achieved a groundbreaking industry first integration with Electric Vehicles, developing a way to decode and feed proprietary vehicle manufacturer data to the cloud.

4 Simple Steps to Getting Sensium Connect Professional

  1. Buy your GPS Hardware.
  2. Complete the Tracking Form.
  3. Easy Installation.
  4. Log in and track!

Run Detailed Reports

Run reports on vehicle usage to se valuable information such as:
Time On Site, Time To Site, Mileage, Daily Activity and more...

Reports can be run on demand, or scheduled to be run automatically and emailed directly to you.

Create Alerts

Create Alerts, so you're the first to know when events happen.
Received email and mobile push alerts to let you know what's happening with your fleet

Smartphone Apps

View the location and status of your vehicles, anywhere, anytime using the 'GPS View' app on your mobile device.

TRACKbox - TB2-20
The most accurate date collection and reporting possible.

Our proprietary TRACKbox - TB2 with TruePath Tracking and CANbus* monitoring via the OBDII Port brings you a suite of driver behaviour insights, without the need to go to the vehicle. Designed in-house, you can be assured you are investing in the highest quality vehicle tracking hardware possible.

In Australia, it is estimated a car is stolen every 10 minutes. This is why we offer...


If your vehicle gets stolen, and does not get recovered we will refund 100% of the hardware cost of the ArmadaGPS tracking unit that was installed.*

* You must provide a Police Report; the theft must be reported to us within 24 hours of the vehicle being stolen (in fact, we may be able to help!); the ArmadaGPS unit must be shown to be working the day before the theft; the unit must have been purchased direct from Sensium (this is a non-transferable guarantee) and the install must have been checked remotely by Sensium Support Staff; the Recovery Guarantee excludes installation costs and monthly service fees.

Features include

» Internal backup battery with tamper alerts.
» Out of coverage Point Logging.
» Device firmware is updated “over the air” (O.T.A) at no cost. When new firmware is released, Sensium updates the device directly.

From $395.00 including GST

Sensium Connect Professional - Advanced GPS Vehicle Tracking and Driver Behaviour Monitoring for only $26.00 per vehicle / per month.

Sensium offers unrivaled reliability and sets the industry standard with the highest resolution location data collection. Sensium Connect Professional is the most advanced GPS Vehicle Tracking and Reporting system globally available.



  • View vehicles in real-time, by name / type / group
  • See who is driving the vehicle with Driver ID (Add-on)
  • Show daily vehicle travel/history overlaid on map
  • Show monthly heat maps of vehicle activity
  • Create Defined Places (Geo-Fences)
  • Send messages to your staffs Garmin Navigation units (Add-on)


  • Create multiple user accounts, with different levels of permission per staff member
  • Each user can have access to view only the vehicles they need to see

Vehicle Groups

  • Create vehicle groups to make running reports or viewing vehicles on the map even easier.


All reports can be run any time, or scheduled to run daily / weekly and delivered to your inbox.

  • Activity Report
  • Daily Summary Report
  • Stops Report & Mileage Report
  • Auxiliary Report
  • Location Report
  • On-Time Report
  • Export Data Report
  • Scheduling Management Report
  • Message History Report
  • Incident Report
  • After Hour Usage Report
  • Time By Place Report
  • Distance By Place Report
  • Time on Site Report
  • Delivery Report
  • Off Road User Charges Report


Alerts can be sent via email or smart phone push alert to any user of ArmadaGPS.

  • Speeding
  • Impact (Accident) Alert
  • Alarm Activation Alert
  • Vehicle Battery Power Low
  • TB2 Internal Battery Low
  • Distance Based Alert
  • On Time / Time Based Alert
  • Panic Alert
  • Place Enter / Exit Alert



  • Data encrypted between TB2 and Platform