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VYLIO - FREE GPS Tracking and IoT GPS Tracking Platform

Vylio, the world's best
No Cost and No Contract GPS Tracking
and IoT Platform

Protect your car and everyone in it with Vylio + TRACKbox telematics
with smart wireless features, easy setup, and elegant design.


Free Vylio GPS tracking platform for vehicle security and driver safety

Recover stolen vehicles by connecting your car to your smartphone.

The real-time tracking feature enables you to stop thieves in their tracks. You can locate your car in a matter of minutes and alert the police for a quick recovery. Locate your vehicle on your Vylio map with street or satellite view.

Know where your family members are in an emergency

If a car is stolen or involved in an accident, people with access to the vehicle tracker will be alerted to the situation immediately. Find your car's location on our Vylio map with street or satellite view. Helping you to get help and reassurance to your loved ones faster.

View street addresses for where your vehicle(s) have stopped

Keep track of trips easliy from your desktop to view your vehicle reports and drill down to what matters to you.

Monitor the activities of a learner driver

View vehicle locations and monitor the movements of a vehicle in real-time on your Vylio map from your smartphone App, PC or tablet.




Keep track of the distance travelled

Find important vehicle(s) data within one simple Vylio report.





See maximum speeds travelled

Know what your vehicle is doing even if you are not driving. It's all at your fingertips within the easy to use Vylio report.


VYLIO -Free GPS Tracking. No Contract. No Cost.

Sign Up Today. Free. Forever.

For anyone who has been considering tracking options but hasn’t wanted to pay a monthly fee, or sign up to a contractual commitment, this gives them the opportunity to give it a go, for free, for personal use.

There are no restrictions on the usage, and no limited time frames. We simply want to see as many people take advantage of this revolutionary product as possible.

Movement history - the map shows the route taken by your vehicle(s), and speeds travelled

Vehicle(s) activity shows every journey. Displays ignition, journey start /finish, distance, max speeds and total time per stop.

E-mail alerts for complete peace of mind. Want to know when your car moves? Set up an alert and be notified in real time.

See your vehicle(s) data like odometer, engine hours, last activity. Know your car's data from your desktop, tablet or phone.

Easy access to Activity Reports for all linked vehicles or assets.





$USD 10 / month

$USD 25 / month

Up to 3 devices

Up to 10 devices

Up to 25 devices

7 day history

40 day history

365 day history

Movement alert

Movement alert

Movement alert

Alarm* alert

Alarm* alert

Alarm* alert

Duress* alert

Duress* alert

Duress* alert

Impact alert

Impact alert

Impact alert

Tow alert

Tow alert

Tow alert

Car battery low alert

Car battery low alert

Car battery low alert

Device battery alert

Device battery alert

Device battery alert

PDF and CSV reports

PDF and CSV report

PDF and CSV report

  • What is Vylio?
  • What do I need to start with?
  • Will it really always be free?
  • Support?
  • FAQ
  • RCM Approval
  • GPS Installation

Vylio is a web service that tracking devices and IoT devices talk to, updating their location in real time. As a user, you log in and see the devices that you have added to Vylio. You can view the location of the device in real time, run reports and view the device’s previous activity on the map. Different devices have different capabilities. Vylio supports a range of devices.

You will need a supported IoT or tracking device, like the TRACKbox TB2.  Get started with Vylio with three easy steps!

Forever. Seriously. The free tier of Vylio will always remain free, paid plans supporting more devices, more features and commercial needs are also available here

Support requests can be made within the Vylio web application to our support team here. Easy.

Q. If the car is stolen and the battery disconnected how long or does the TRACKbox have a backup power supply and how long does that last?

A. There is a battery back-up within the unit which will take over in the event of the unit being disconnected. The duration of the back-up will depend on whether the vehicle is being driven and cell coverage. On a test bench not being used the back-up battery will last 12 hours as a idea of how long they can last.

Q. Can the car can be disabled remotely?

A. No. We have had customers with the GPS tracker installed relocate their stolen vehicles with cooperation from the police with relative ease. Real time tracking is indispensable if your vehicle is stolen; a well-hidden GPS tracking device will allow you to trace your car and recover with the help of the police.

Q. What kind of batteries are used for the TRACKbox and can they be replaced?

A. The unit uses lithium batteries which have been specifically made for out TRACKbox so they are robust and durable. Please get in touch with when you need new batteries.

Why we use compliance marks

Compliance marks are an indication that the standards have been meet. Standards are needed to ensure safe and satisfactory products that are fit for their intended use.

It’s important to check for a compliance mark, particularly if you’re buying online or overseas.

For example, if you buy a product that was manufactured overseas, it might operate on the wrong frequency here. Using it could mean that you cause interference to other services on that frequency. If you’re found to be causing interference, you could:

  • be fined
  • face prosecution.
  • end up out of pocket, with a product you can’t use.

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The fastest way to install the TRACKbox - TB2 is by using the CAN bus install cable which is a simple 'plug and play' option, watch the demo video here. If you want a complete hard wire installation, call us today 1800 764 0824 and we'll put you in touch with an auto electrician who can do your installation for you. The TRACKbox - TB2 installation guide can be downloaded here.