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Vylio Getting Started

Get Started with Vylio

Step 1 - Create a vylio account
Follow the on-screen steps.
Activate your account.
Welcome to your free Vylio account to track up to 3 mobile assets for free!

Vylio 3 + Assets Paid Plans.
In Vylio click the cog on the left panel to change your plan.


Step 2 - Add Your TRACKbox TB2 to vylio

Ensure your TRACKbox TB2 is installed and the LED lights are on.
Login to your Vylio account.
Click + New Device.
Select 'Physical Tracker'.
Select TRACKbox, then TB2.
Enter the ID number that is on your TRACKbox TB2.
Follow the on-screen prompts to complete your account set-up.


Step 3 - Useful Links

Installing the TRACKbox TB2 yourself? Download the Installation Guide.

Support requests can be emailed from within your Vylio account.

Vylio Support